Cue #63 Joe Rogan's Cognoscenti

Cognoscenti Cues has been a mainstay in the high-end cue market for over two decades. Founder Joe Gold set out to make the perfect-hitting (and looking) cue stick. His quest forced him to re-think every aspect of the cue stick, including the taper, construction of parts, tolerances, glues, and finishes. After over a year of research, Joe combined space-age technology, the highest quality woods, and opulent inlay materials. Cognoscenti Cues were quickly coveted by players and collectors alike. Throughout the last twenty years, Joe Gold has remained ahead of the curve with regard to technology and technique. He has solidified his reputation as one of the best cue makers in history. One of the benefits of having such a reputation is that the cognoscenti of the industry want a Cognoscenti Cue.

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