Ernie Gutierrez has been designing and building cues for decades. His designs are some of the most celebrated in the industry. This particular cue is one of his biggest works to date. The an all-ivory cue features snakewood points that go up and down the butt. The points converge in a centerpiece of round and oval medallions that are framed in gold. Framing the entire center focal point of the butt are inlaid faux butterfly shapes. The snakewood points gradually disappear into the stark whiteness of the ivory.

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Ginacue- from the Greco-Roman Collection

Named “Atlantis,” Ernie made this ebony and ivory Ginacue for the Greco Roman Collection, currently housed in the Max Hoskins’ collection. As the collection name implies, the set speaks to the classical themes and artwork of Greece and Rome. Gutierrez used ivory to form the columns with fine silverwork to give the fluted look. The design for the capitals and bases of the columns are inspired from Roman architecture. For the tiny columns inside the larger ones, Ernie used cross cut ivory which has grain to it.

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