Dragon Cue by Mike Lambros

The DRAGON CUE was commissioned by Mr. Randy Welty and designed and completed by Mike Lambros on OCT. 2003. The cue design is an extreme application of 4th axis inlay and rotary engraving, most of which had never been done in ivory prior to this cue. The cue features an ivory forearm and butt highlighted with gold and silver trim rings inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl and red coral. The ivory forearm has four abalone dragons, each inlaid at a slant to allow for their size. Red coral represents the dragon breathing fire. The dragon inlays exceed 4″in length and 1.5″ in width and are inlaid around a 160 degree arc! Each dragon faces a central silver prize guarded by a pair of silver and gold swords. This 4th axis rotary work into ivory is a seamless example of artistic interpretation as the full scene is depicted regardless of how the cue is rotated.

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