Bob Manzino Box Cue

The “box” cue has been one of cue making’s toughest looks to conquer. Many cue makers have attempted it and few have mastered the proportions, framing, and layout needed to make an aesthetically pleasing design. Where many cue makers have drawn the eye to the actual boxes, Manzino pulls the eye to the intricate inlay of silver/gold which frames the ivory boxes.

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Bob Manzino Custom Cue

Bob Manzino created this look with ebony, abalone, silver veneers & décor rings. All white on the cue is ivory, and the wrap is black lizard. Built in 2005, this clean execution features a solid ivory half joint, a black G2 pin, and matching ivory, ebony and silver joint protectors.

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“Eden” Cue by Bob Manzino

The main body of this cue is made from Red Amboyna wood, with the center piece made of Ivory. The weaving inlays in the center piece is Red Amboyna and .999 pure silver. Black Tahitian pearl and silver inlays were used to complete the floral design that compliments the center focal point of the cue. Bob Manzino’s signature thick silver border surrounds the ivory section, featuring a mirror-like polish. The cue also has 3 high and 3 low Ivory points, and floating Ivory Inlays. The joint caps are cut from a solid piece of Ivory leaving the raised inlay to match the cue’s design.

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