Steinway Anniversary Cue

Beautiful cues are regularly churned out, but every so often a truly inspired work elevates the art. Paul Drexler of PFD Studios is the artisan who produced this featured cue. Created to commemorate Steinway & Sons Piano Company 150th anniversary, this ebony and ivory masterpiece is visually stunning.

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Cue #56) PFD Studios- Ivory Points

PFD Studios custom cue

Paul Drexler used a highly figured piece of spalted maple for the base wood. Everything that is white on the cue is ivory, including the long two-way points. One-piece solid ivory points of this length are very rare. Each point has four veneers- black, maple, blue, purple. The wood between the points is a burl wood that is lighter in color than the spalted maple. The burl is slightly lighter in color and the grain structure is smaller in scale, resulting in a nice balance in the eye.

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PFD Studios “Hustler Cue”

The idea of creating a “Hustler Cue” commemorating the Hustler Movie staring Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman occurred as a result of conversations between Paul Drexler, cuemaker (pfd Studios) and Jim Yonge, cue collector. With Paul’s connections to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, located in Connecticut, which was created by Paul Newman to provide a true camping experience for kids with life threatening diseases, it is little wonder why pfd Studios welcomed the opportunity to create such a special cue. The inspiration for the “film strip” inlay was derived directly from the film concept itself – running between silver film strip sprockets are Ivory movie “frames” scaled proportioned to wrap symetrically around the taper of the cue, into which Sandra Brady executed outstanding full color scrimshaw of various key scenes from the movie.

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Morninglory Cue by Paul Drexler

This cue was created as the first cue in a series of seven – THE PLEIADES SERIES – based on the cluster of stars by the same name – commonly referred to in Greek mythology as the “Seven Sisters.” The name Morning Glory was a loose reference to “Morning becomes Electra” a play written by Eugene O’Neill – Electra being one of the seven sisters but more directly to the “Morning Glory Flowers” that surround the image of Electra on the cue. The design and layout of this cue embraces elements of vintage-era cues . The double spliced forearm features 6 veneered points going up and down with 12 matched solid Opals, set in silver bezels at the midpoint, with classic butterfly elements of Ivory, solid Malachite, and Ebony, in between each of the six points. Typically spliced cues with veneers have four points.

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PFD Studios Chinese Dragon Cue 2009

PFD Dragon Cue

Paul Drexler (PFD Studios) built this cue in 2009 as part of a trilogy of dragon-themed cues. His intent was to create a cue in the style of a traditional Chinese dragon. The handle section is comprised of three sections of solid ivory with the largest featuring a scrimshawed Chinese Dragon by scrimshander Bob Hergert. The hand-done work wraps around the cue’s handle effortlessly. Drexler had guided the scrimshander about exactly what he wanted and the result was an historically correct Chinese Dragon. The short ivory panel above the handle displays scrimshaw illustrating the Great Wall of China, which also wraps around the cue.

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