Samsara “Eye of the Tiger” Custom Cue

Samsara Cues Eye of the Tiger

The main body of this custom Samsara Cue is snakewood. Eight snakewood points with ebony veneers occupy the forearm. At the base of the points is a combination of 20 ivory, tiger-eye stone, crazy lace agate and ebony inlays. The wrap area has 20 leather, snakewood and ivory inlays. An “Intarsia” design of snakewood and ebony make up the butt sleeve; Samsara calls it a “Double Fantail.” Both the joint collar and butt cap are ivory with eight matching tiger-eye stone inlays in each one. The ferrules are ivory and the tips are Moori. The custom joint protectors are made of ebony & ivory. Billiards Digest featured the cue in the October 2004 & March 2006 issues.

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Samsara World War I Custom Cue

After several weeks of research Jim and Dave came to the conclusion that the best tribute to WW1 would be to incorporate some facts regarding the war. To create enough room to accommodate the info they needed 14 ivory windows which are indexed 7 times at 51.428571 degrees. The Barbed wire is made of Desert Iron wood inlaid into Black Palm. This represents the dark conditions of the trenches that the soldiers fought and lived in.

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Samsara Custom Cue

Samsara "Twist"

Bacote, ebony, and maple make up the primary palette of this cue stick. Samsara Cues designed this eight-point butt using a single veneer of ebony on the forearm and butt sleeve. Samsara’s signature triple diamond ring design repeats in five places. The wrapless handle features an intarsia ‘swirl’ pattern comprised of 344 individual pieces. There are 537 total pieces in entire cue.

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Samsara Butterfly / Intarsia Custom Cue

Samsara built this ivory, ebony and rosewood burl intarsia butterfly/fantail masterpiece. The construction technique was a geometric nightmare, built in three sections: the ivory front with ebony to the x, the butt to the bottom x, and the center section. The handle (center) section of the cue is highlighted with four ivory ovals surrounded by 88 rosewood burl intarsia fantails that morph into butterflies, each edged by ultra thin red, yellow and orange veneers. One thing that makes this cue different from other butterfly cues is that everything is sharp and perfect. Beyond the rosewood burl fantails and butterflies, the pattern continues in 48 ebony, red, yellow, and orange fantails that progressively change angulation from fantails to butterflies.

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Intarsia Pattern & Exotic Wood by Samsara Cues

Samsara Cue

Eight points of rosewood burl into ebony with veneers of mahogany and padauk. Rosewood burl is extremely rare, highly figured, and expensive. This particular piece of wood is from Balize. Rosewood burl because of its rarity and expense is rarely ever used on cue sticks. It is known for its exotic look and is usually the centerpiece of attention. The butt section features a difficult Intarsia pattern. Intarsia is a decorative wood technique developed in the Renaissance in which stacked or mosaiced woods create vivid patterns.

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