Burton Spain’s Model 34

Burton Spain was one of the most important cue stick makers in history, although he is not widely known today. Spain’s primary claim to fame is the fact that he produced point blanks (the equivalent of a car frame) for famed cue maker George Balabushka. Having produced hundreds of cues between the 1970s-90s, Spain should be equally as well known the body of work bearing his own name. Burton was a genius and a member of MENSA. His cues featured several genius-level ideas including his innovative point construction. For a short time, Spain used a floating or self-centering joint, which was a great concept for cue makers who built cues on inferior equipment.

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Burton Spain Cue

>Burton Spain was one of the most important cue makers and pioneers in the history of cue making. Spain is best known for making blanks for George Balabushka. However, his contributions to the industry reach far beyond that claim to fame. Spain mentored one of today’s most celebrated cue makers, Joel Hercek, who has graciously offered to share his insight this week as a guest panelist. This week’s cue is a classic Burton Spain, four point cue. Please refer to Mr. Hercek’s comments for more details about this cue. Special thanks to Mr. Benoit for submitting this week’s cue.

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