Barry Szamboti “Gambler” Cue

Barry Szamboti created this gambler-themed cue circa 2000 for his late father’s friend Gus DeStefano. Themed gambler cues typically show imagery such as cards, dice, money, and other things illustrating the gambling lifestyle. Barry crafted this cue using ebony and ivory, and engraved card suits, dice, and dollar signs. In the rotating images, the letter tells the story of this rare step out of the traditional styles of Barry Szamboti. This cue is in the collection of Dick Abbott.

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Gus Szamboti Cue Blanks

Ever wonder how the great master Gus Szamboti put together a forearm? Well, here is what they looked like before they were turned round! Pretty amazing considering all those blocks of wood turned into some of the best points in the history of cue making. Please enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think of these beasts!

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Gus Szamboti Custom Cue

The pictured Gus Szamboti cue features four ebony points each with four veneers of black/mahogany/blue/natural into a Birdseye maple nose. The butt is Ebony with Birdseye Maple boxes and two stitch rings. The cue is all original and was made for Danny Deliberto. There is documentation that makes claim to it being used in Danny’s highest run in 14.1 straight pool. This cue also features four Ivory spearhead inlays in the base of the points. It’s a classic design by one of the true legends of cuemaking and Hall of Fame member Gus Szamboti.

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