“The Provincial” by Thomas Wayne

Thomas Wayne *design* was first displayed at the 2007 ICCS Show in Houston, in an all-Ebony cue entitled “The Cartier.” Revisited, with subtle design changes, “The Provincial” has Antique Elephant Ivory framework points inlayed into a body of extremely rare Honduran Rosewood Burl wood, and has accent inlays of Brown-lip Mother-of-Pearl, Red Coral, and Sterling Silver.

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Thomas Wayne “Jurassic” Cue

Thomas Wayne’s “Jurassic” Lizard Cue features just less than 150 inlays, some as small as 1/8” (the toenails). The eyes are gold with a blue faceted gem stones. Made in the early 1990s, the cue is one of the earliest 4th-axis cues to be made. 4th-axis technology is used for inlays that wrap around the cue. Basically, it means cutting inlay holes into a cylinder and cutting the inlay materials out of another cylinder.

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“Dem Bones” by Thomas Wayne

“Dem Bones” is a theme cue modeled after a church outside of Prague. The church was built with the bones of thousands of people who died in the 14th century when the Black Death (bubonic plague) spread the across Europe. A search on Google for Kutna Hora will bring up many sites…

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